Kelis Monae Events LLC (KME) was established in 2008. Its founder, Joedi Woods, to most of her friends known as the "go to" girl for her creative eye and event planning. Joedi has coordinated weddings, birthday parties, dance recitals, graduation parties and other events. KME was created to help those who have a idea of what they want for their event, but not quite sure how to express it or simply don't have the time. "My love for planning events has been a major part of my life for as long as I can remember. KME was born from my own frustrations while planning my own wedding, I just felt it should not be that hard. I love to meet with a client that's not quite sure what they want but the second we start brainstorming, the ideas flow like water. I want to give those people the chance to have the event of their dreams". In addition to keeping up with the latest trends, she became a certified wedding planner to provide clients with the best possible service. In addition to events, Joedi has her hand in several other ventures. Princess Gear Hair Accessories, a kids line of personal apparel. Along with Kelis Monae Home, the newest addition to customize you home. We are literally becoming a one stop!


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